What is the definition of Title Insurance?

Florida title insurance is a fee to most buyers in a real estate purchase, but is an important part of any Florida real estate purchase or refinance. Real estate title insurance, unlike most types of insurance, insures the property title for the time period extending backward from a point in time rather than forward. This means that when a buyer purchases a piece of Florida real estate, a Florida title insurance policy insures or otherwise guarantees that the buyer is protected if a defect in the property title is discovered.

Post Closings

When the closing is completed, the file goes to the post closing department, this part of the recording package is prepared and send it to the Land Records Office for recording. To send the recording package to the title insurance for the preparation of the policies, the original Deed and Mortgage with the policies are prepared as two packages. The packages are sent to the new homeowner and the original lending bank.

Post-closing is also responsible for paying off the existing mortgages and/or judgments on the property, obtaining releases for the liens associated with those mortgages and/or judgments and recording said releases in the Land Records Office.

The post-closing team also handles obtaining and paying the final water bill. This is the title company’s responsibility since an unpaid water bill creates a lien on the property. Also, any home owner’s association or condominium dues collected at settlement are submitted to the home owner’s association or condominium association along with a copy of the HUD-1 Settlement Statement.

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